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What is an IBCLC anyway?

In a world full of breastfeeding credentials, how do you choose the type of breastfeeding support professional that's right for you? Be sure to check back for my upcoming blog where I will discuss my views on the topic. In the meantime be sure to check Who's Who in Breastfeeding published by the United States Lactation Consultant Association.

Private Breastfeeding Classes

individual and family group classes to help prepare you for breastfeeding success.

Two 2hr classes

Total 4hrs


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Lactation Services

Birth through weening and everything in between.

Latching problems

Nipple confusion


Plugged ducts & blocked nipple pores

Under-supply & oversupply



Flat or inverted nipples

Initial consultation up to 3hrs $200

Follow-up 1hr $75

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Going Back to Work

Balancing a new baby and your career can be tough. Maintaining a milk supply  when returning to work poses a challenge to many moms. With the right support you can reach both your career and breastfeeding goals. 

 Back-to-work session up to 1.5 hours, includes pumping log and 2 weeks over the phone trouble shooting 


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Health Equity in Breastfeeding 

I believe breastfeeding is a human right. No mom should have to forfeit her desires to breastfeed due to lack of support. If you have a financial hardship there are still services available.  

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